Monday, October 29, 2007

We have changed the nature of this blog--from parody to admiration

We intended this blog as a parody of modeling, as seen through the eyes of a young woman caught up in it. We failed both as a parody and as a piece of clever writing.

More importantly, we may have hurt a very nice young woman and her good mum. We have come to know that Maddison is a great girl, and that her mum, Michelle, is a wonderful woman who does for her daughter what every mum wants to do--give her opportunities to build and showcase her talents, whether through sports, the arts or any other endeavor.

Most of our readers understood this was a parody, but some did not, and we apologize to them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you

Mathilda said...

well im only a few mths younger than miss maddison gabriel, and i also hope to be a model, and i sort of admire her opportunities,but...thanx

Susan said...

Have you been threatened with legal action? Is that why you've changed your tune? This trn-around does not show a strong character.

Anonymous said...

no they just talked to us and found out who we were and then changed their stance. We find them of high character for rectifying their mistakes - no threat of legal action - just people got to know each other and realised the truth.
michelle G

Poppy said...

Yes, Michelle is right. And we will do whatever Michelle and her family ask of us.

Michelle, let us know if you would like us to blog about Maddison's success going forward. We would be happy to publish any photos and information you would like to provide.

Email us at

Best always,

The Parody Bloggers